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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not my day

I really felt like my whole day is wasted. First with the weather thingy. Since it's rainy I decided to finish the job of our temporary help yesterday. I don't have to learn the whole thing because I used to do stamp cover auctions in ebay way before we hired somebody. So I decided to finish what he left since it's not much left anyway, now that I'm almost done and ready to upload I got these stupid errors that I have never seen before. I have edit all over again which is time consuming. Finally uploaded yet I have another problem, the pictures are changed and worst thing is it's conflicting the whole auction and I have no idea what happened why it was changed. I have a bunch of frustrations today and I just want to go home and catch some sleep. I do want to go parteeeeeeeeeeee tonight though ;) we'll see