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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You need to go to reahab...

Yea, according to Ray I need to go to rehab because I watch to much of Family Feud. I have been recording to our DVR the show Family Feud and every night I have to watch at least sometimes 4 to 5 show before I fell asleep. Every time Ray gave me this funny look at his face saying I am addicted to the show and I may need to go to rehab just because of it. I know it was all part of a joke, what can I do if I just like to watch it, it's entertaining and made me relax after work.
If you happen to not heard about it, it's a show of two families battling to get the right answer from people that the show had survey, they had to face 1 member at a time and if they try to win to have a shot for $20,000.

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