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Monday, February 11, 2008

Almost a disaster

It was so busy today because we have to go out of town for the auctions. Usually a whole day thing but Ray got an appointment for his dentist so we have to cut it short. After the dentist we went home to pick up 2 of our dogs (Rocky and Bullwinkle) since we already have Ripsi with us. We rested for just a little bit at the house before going to the store, little that we know our privacy fence in the back opened and our Houdini dog "Bullwinkle" got out. We really got scared because one of the biggest road in Tampa is just blocks aways from the house. We looked all around the house and few houses away and we can't find him. So I decided to drive the car and look for him while Ray just looked around too just in case he is just near the house and just chasing those cats from our neighbors. When I almost made a left at the street before the main one, I saw the kid playing and I remember him playing when we came earlier so I figured he must saw Bully if he came this way. Good thing I asked because him and his mother and brother had Bullwinkle inside. Thank God he escape from a disaster if he went to the main street and Thank God there are still good Samaritan out there. Thank you..Thank you.Thank you so much it saves me a lot of tears if we lost our doggie!

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