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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy Saturday

We were so busy yesterday. Dad and Gladys visited us at the store, they lived in Holiday and it's was kinda far for them to drive but they made it anyway. The minute they left I went to the post office to mail all the stamps from our Ebay store. I almost took the airport exit since they are doing all kinds of constructions and moved the exit, I dunno how to get back to the interstate so I took the back road assuming it will take back but I was wrong so I have to make a U Turn and get back to the interstate the other way. It's just easier for me to go back because I want to go to the Chinese Store near Downtown. I made it and drop off all the stuff home and went back to the store. At night we decided to go out to visit our friend's club. We were surprised because it's so neat and nice. We stayed until 4am. I was kinda drunk but not really really drunk.

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