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Sunday, February 10, 2008

chasing sale

Man, weeks go by so quick that when I look at blog it's weekends again. The last time i posted about what I did was last week and now it's a week after the big event, The Super Bowl! I am just gonna update for my whole week. It was just a busy week for us at the store, I have files of tasks to be completed and the week is over and I am not done with it so I guess I have it for Monday.
Speaking of sales, after we ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant called Miguel's here in Tampa, we went to the computer store that is closing in 2 weeks trying get a good deal. The stuff are almost gone and look like it's pretty much empty but we still saw this one laptop, a huge one with a 20 inch screen, it's a high end machine just can't remember the specifications, all i know is It is a humongous system that I haven't seen before. It wasn't really a good deal because it's still kinda expensive but Ray just want to have it for display so we bought it for our store. Actually the store is just across the street from our computer store, it kinda help us in business when customer knew they are closing so they come to us for their computer repair and we exchange business even before in a way that we recommend each other to our customer when we don't have they the other have what the customer is looking for.

gotta go to bed guys have a good weekend...

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