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Friday, February 29, 2008

I was so busted

I was so excited a couple of days ago when my friend Gen told me about my rank in Google. I was out and about and didn't had time to check and even if I was logged in I wasn't aware about the changes. She broke the news and it surely made my day and made me happy.Thanks for the news friend. If it wasn't for you I would've not check it :)

Today, I was going to change my links and found out that my rank is back to the big O, was it a joke that for few days Google will bump you rank up and bring it down after???? Seems like Google is playing around with the ranking and for me it's not fair at all, why do it anyway!

I felt so busted today and now I have to update my ranking back to the fat O...oh well, maybe anytime soon Google will give it back(this time I will have my fingers crossed)

to be continued...


I have been trying to change my google rank and I had put the code that says 0 on it yet when I check back to my blog site it still show 3, should I change code or it will just automatically change for itself?????

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Bravespirit... said...

Hi dear! I've been hearing about google and rankings though I have yet to grasp what it really means. In a nutshell, I just know that it the higher the the rank, the better you'll get paid! Oh well, will deal with it later I'll just get myself busy with visitor traffic to get ready for payperpost application.