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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Bully

Yesterday was my doggie Bullwinkle's birthday. He's getting older, we don't really know exactly how old he is because Ray and his late girlfriend found him eight years ago and the veterinarian told them that he was about 3 or 4 years old. Despite their effort to return him to the owner before, they even put posters everywhere where they found him yet nobody claimed Bullwinkle. He is such a good dog. He rarely bark, so friendly but he is a certified Houdini. He broke my heart when we were in Kansas City Missouri and he just disappear right when we got to our room. We always bring everywhere and he always stay underneath the bed. We just assumed that he was there but for all we knew he's gone. I cried my heart out knowing that we have to go home without him but before we left we put posters everywhere and even went to the police( we are that desperate). Three weeks later (we already got another Bullwinkle ) someone called from Missouri telling us that she got our dog! Another time he got away from our house and we have to go out of town for the day and we can't bring him so got out again and crossed one of the major 6 lane street (Hillsborough Avenue) in Tampa and went to the school 3 blocks from the house. Luckily a Samaritan called my mom because we have Ray and her number on his collar. He is an escape Artist yet I love that dog so much.

It's been our tradition that if one of our pet's birthday, that pet gets a treat (a hamburger usually from a fast food). Last night it's Bullwinkle's treat night. This time we got him a chicken nuggets. We also put a birthday candle and sung happy birthday.

Here's Rocky with his hamburger for his 2nd Birthday.

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