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Monday, February 18, 2008

Miami Weekend

Saturday we drove down to Miami, Florida. Weather was great. Since we have our cousins in Miami, we called and told him that we are coming down. We usually stay at his house but now that he is assigned to other country as part of his job so he rented out his house. He's in Miami right now for just 2 months and will be back to South Africa, He said he is staying in his condo in downtown Miami (his house in Downtown too) and if we are staying for the weekend we can stay at his other place. We told him we will so got the key from his place(he just leave it in the front desk because he has to go somewhere and we'll just meet later on that night). We stayed at the Loft 2 in downtown and it was beautiful. It's one of the high rises in Miami.
Our reasons why we go down south is mainly computer stuff (Miami has these wholesaler outlets near the airport that we always go to if we need stuff for our store) and to give the computer to our uncle since he got problem with his old one. Our uncle was so nice that he brought us to the condos that we have to go since we don't know where it's at.
We communicated to our cousin and talked about meeting for a drink. Me and Ray fell asleep and woke up 10pm instead we just went clubbing to our favorite place.
Sunday we woke up late and instead of a drink we just meet our cousin for breakfast at Big pink in Miami Beach. We were able to meet his girlfriend and she is from Poland. She was very nice. They told us that our uncle's van was stolen! fortunately, they just called today and said they found the van abandoned somewhere :)

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