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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's a lil Ugly today

We just wasted our time today. We were working on this one deal for few weeks now actually we've had connections with this company (a multi-million dollar cement company). This time it's a little different, they are upgrading all of their hardwares and we are the one whose gonna pick up all the stuff that they want to get rid off. Today is the first day to pick up one part of it, when our guy went and pick it up he called and told us that there's no computers in the whole thing! Computers are the main reason why we agreed to work with them in the first place! Ray was so mad considering all the time and effort we all invested in it. He called them and told them we aren't picking up the rest of the stuff which is supposedly all over Florida!

Ray is not the kind a guy that will just forget so he is gonna do something to give them problems since they gave us problems first...story developing....

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