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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another tiring day

I am so tired and haven't had time to be online the whole day. I am so sleepy and I need it really bad. Since Sunday I never get to bed early. Sunday we went clubbing and got home around 4:30 am, yesterday I went to bed kinda late because I can't sleep and my "night person" trademark struck me again this time even though we got home early (around 10pm) and has to wake up early which is against my "sleepyhead " character. I've been wanting to go to the gym for my "step class" but I didn't have time earlier plus t was a crappy day. It was pouring rain and we were out and about so hopefully I can go tomorrow to make for this day, I only go their once maybe twice if I am in the mood, and I hate to think that we are just wasting our money but I really love going though, it just gives me more energy.

Now I am home and instead of sleeping because my eyes is like ready to fall in the floor(hehehe) yet here I am in front of this computer trying to mess up with the keyboard :) I just want to greet everyone a Happy Valentine's day and more LOVE and LOVE and LOVE AND MORE LOVE.. just getting nuts here as a result of lack of sleep..goodnight guys

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