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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

Man, what a GAME it was! The New York Giants vs. The New England Patriots battles to be the champion. Ray and I went to Chili's to watch the game. Actually we watched the first half of the game at the store and went to Chili's to watch the rest of it. We are both rooting for the Giants since the family especially dad is rooting for them ever since. The family is actually from New York (Ray was born in Bronx, NY) that's why we rather cheer for the Giants than the Patriots. It was indeed the biggest upset for the Patriots since they had an 18-0 and of course wants a perfect season(19-0) just like the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl VII in 1972 where they went 17-0. Unfortunately, the Patriots lost the game and had to go home with 18-1. Almost everyone at Chili's were cheering for the Giants. We were screaming as loud as we can except for the 2 guys who were rooting for the Patriots. I even met a Filipina named Christie. Oh man, I cannot believe how loud we were in the last minutes of the game. Congratulations New York Giants! You deserves to be THE SUPER BOWL XLII CHAMPION!

Eli Manning (Quarterback) as the MVP of Super Bowl XLII

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