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Monday, February 4, 2008

So damn right!

Indeed, Our Sunday started right. We went to bed late Saturday yet I was able to wake up early (10:30 am) which is unusual for me for being the sleepyhead in the house. I've been planning to go to church(once in a blue moon) and I did it this time. I was already up and running so I asked Ray if he can go with us (doggies) to the dog park and he agreed. We stayed for about an hour, it was a nice day so I was able to wear shorts even it's winter time (we have hot winter here..hehehe). The doggies were so excited, they can't even wait to go out when we were still driving especially when they see other dogs running.

Here's Bullwinkle & Ripsi making friends with other dog

Rocky walking with Ray (Yea he does walk with 2 legs)

Here's Ripsi with another lil dog

Rocky at the Big Dogs field

They made friends

After the park we went to the store and just finish whatever we have to finish and watch the first half of the football game.

At second half we went to Chili's for dinner and watch the Half Time Show featuring Tom Petty , and watch the rest of the Super Bowl XVII. Congratulations to the Giants once again....


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