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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thanks Mom

Mom called in the middle of the day yesterday and ask us if we want spaghetti with meatballs. Of course one of my favorite foods is spaghetti especially with meatballs so how can I say no? I decided to go to the gym since I missed my Tuesday step class because we were out of town and that particular class always makes me motivated. I love it that always makes me think that I lose weight after doing it even though it didn't hehehe. Mom brought the food for dinner when I was still in the gym and she didn't know that I was going but it was perfect because coming out from the gym I get really really hungry so I can eat like a pig. Good thing about going to the gym is I can eat whatever I can (I am obsessed with rice and pinakbet with bagoong! love it! love it! love it!) and don't worry about getting some extra unwanted weight.
Anyway, I'm writing this blog because I am eating our leftover from our dinner last night and I am so grateful to have an in laws like mom.

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