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Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh Man

'Twas indeed a very busy week. I was like running out of time from doing my job that is being assigned to me 2 years ago and I considered this week was the most hectic one yet I have time to check my blog website of course. It's not very hard for me to check it because number one my is all about computer and internet and it only takes 5 minutes to check continue what I am suppose to do.
I had my hair done Tuesday and I definitely like it now. I was going to have highlights but he told no not this time because it's winter maybe in the summer we can color it and he told me he's gonna look for color that will fit me. I will have pictures later on not now.

Today I almost missed Marimar and luckily we got back from out of town for some auctions around 4:30pm and they still have it. They usually delete the whole episode around 7pm. I hate missing Friday because I will wonder what happen for the whole weekend and that will make me insane..hehe. Thank God it's weekend again and it means fun to me..have a good weekend everyone.

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