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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My USCIS woes

Yesterday I had my appointment at the local USCIS office. I made one because of the status of my application online was unclear. It made me so worried so I went to the office to make sure everything is alright. Yesterday I was freezing my butt off waiting outside since they won't let anybody in unless your name is being called. When they serve me, the officer said that everything is alright and my case is in California office and it may take about a year to get my permanent card but he ask me if I want a temporary card so I told him yea since we are planning to go go somewhere in the summer. I don't have a picture so I went to get one which is just around back of their office building and approximately 30 minutes my temporary resident card is ready. I rather have it anyway to make sure I'm out of trouble. Thank God everything is still in the right track.

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