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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blast from the past

At Super Bowl XLI when it was in Miami last year when Ray and I decided to be one of the stage crews. Definitely we don't want to do it again even if it will be here in Tampa. It was considered an experience for us, at least now we know what's going on behind those moving stages during the half time show. What I don't like about it is we can't watch the even though I was able to watch the 1st of it at the tunnel but it's not the same as watching it and don't worry about the responsibilities that we have to do next. We didn't regret doing it but definitely won't gonna do it again. I include some of our photos during those nights we were down in Miami.

Miami (South Beach) is the only city I've seen where waitress/waiters perform in the bar and the only one that dress up see-through outfit.

In the field before the Big event.

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