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Thursday, March 20, 2008

BreakTheVault.com 1

I was just hopping around from one website to the other. Trying to read and trying to find stuff that would interest me. I got to this site online contests and click to it and they have contest. I thought contest happens on television but I found one online so I browse within the site anyway. To my understanding online contests and offers online contest, and if you are a member then you can have unlimited chances to attempt to solve each game, if you are the first one to solve the game then you will win cash or prizes. They always launch a new contest. Each day at noon Eastern Standard Time they will release another clue to help you solve the game and it's just up to you how many clues you need to solve it if you quick enough then probably you will win it. And if the you can solve it faster even before Monday then they will launch a new game so there is always at least one running at any given time. They also have an upcoming contest so you have an idea what's the next contest is all about. This will also test how sharp you are.
So what are you waiting for hop in and start winning..Good luck you guys, let do this and we'll see whose the fastest...

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