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Monday, March 17, 2008

Have you been pigged?

Talking and letting your voice be heard from millions of people is not that easy to do. Opinions being heard is one of the best feelings we can have. A lot of website that offer forums and reviews especially restaurants so customer can voice out what they think about the food and all that. I found this website called pigged.us a review site about people, don't get screwed! where you can write a review about people. You will find reviews about people whether it's good or bad. Internet offers a lot of opportunities and it also open a lot of possibilities just like meeting someone online and through pigged.us is a rating and review site. About what people (all of us regular folk) and you can find more about him or her personality, if he or she lying or not. You can't really rely on what they say online, if people give opinions and reviews to someone, pretty much believable since you can't please everybody right? So whatever he is and someone will write a reviews him or her. Reviews are really dependable since it come to random people that don't know each other or even when they just talked and meet once or twice through. It is so tempting to submit dozens of reviews about deceitful, ill mannered, unfaithful, two-faced jerks! As you heard it a bunch of times "what goes around comes around." Start to have fun. Chances are you also know some good people too.

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