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Friday, March 14, 2008

Promote our NYC Subway Ad Placement service!

Running a small business can be complicated from its procedures to its everyday routine. Having a business it could be a nightmare if you don't manage it well. It needs a lot of time especially when it is only starting freshly new. Even business that is well establish needs thorough supervision. Business can be a pain when it comes to advertising. Spreading the word even we already know that news have wings. It is still very tricky when it comes to ads and letting people know that you existed. Patchwork Promotions can help you especially when you are in New York City area. They help budget-minded small businesses to advertise and promote inexpensive advertising mediums by sharing their resources to create "shared-promotional" advertisements. New York can be very expensive if you don't play your card well. Billboard ads can be a killer of your business because it can cost too much. When we went to New York I noticed those big billboards everywhere in New York City and boy those the ones in Times Square, I can't imagine how much it cost but think about the people that see it everyday, probably not much people who are using the subways that's why Patchwork Promotions come up with this idea on subways because they know your ads will be viewed and read by millions of passers by everyday. Ads needs to be there all the time because people needs to be reminded not just once but maybe few times before they actually notice and pay attention to your advertisement. Your ads won't be as expensive definitely can be reach by small businesses around. When we went to New York subway stations are everywhere and we are talking about big stations and most people do not drive and I can understand with all the traffic going on and all the taxis around you don't want to drive around New York City and I absolutely agree that they use subway as their main transportation. I remember we got lost in one of the station because we are not use to using one and I know it's easy to once it's in your system. People don't talk that often to their fellow New Yorker and instead they read things in the wall which we call advertisements. This way it is really a good idea to do business with Patchwork Promotions because they are taking the concept in the next level. I remember we had this 1 little billboard and it was costing us a lot of money just to be seen by a few that drives on that area. Having your ads with them can help lessen your expensive cost on advertising because ad campaign with them can be viewed by more people since every household have internet connections and Patch Promotions offers a very cost effective service for your ad campaign to reach over 70 million viewers per month as a result of an audit done by Scarborough Research.

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