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Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Top Five Hottest Blog Meme

Thanks Maureen for passing this meme tag to me and also for giving me a chance to show my Top Five Hottest Blogs that their one of my hot and great list. :)


1. Simply choose five blogs you want to be included in your "top five list".

2.Give a short line or explanation why you put them on your list.One explanation for eachof every blog.

3.Now tag as many blogs as you want.You can also tag those blogs you've listed in your TOP FIVE....you can also put your own blog in your list if you want

4.[for those who've been tagged]you can also vote for a blog that was been nominated already
(besides,this is what this meme is intended for,to know how many bloggers will nominate your blog)

5.Submit you TOP FIVE HOTTEST BLOG ENTRY here . Submitted blogs will be the only one to be included in the tally

6.Remember:Submissions of entries starts from MARCH 1 2008 to MARCH 25,2008
and top five hottest blog winners will be announced in MARCH 29,2008

7.enjoy listing your top five!!!

+end copy here+

Here's My Top Five Bloggers
Ging *My Blogging Thoughts*




jan celiz-magtoto


Now, I wanna tag those I choose above to pass it to their top bloggers also.


Vincent Bautista said...

Hello! Thank you very much for the tag! It's much appreciated! More power to you and Happy Easter! :)

blogscope said...

Hello po! Thank you very much with the tag, I'm done with it here thanks again and Happy Easter!!!

syhcool said...

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