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Friday, March 7, 2008

Shopping Feedback

Ray and I always go online whenever we found new place like restaurants that we want to try. We want to know about it first rather than just go and try it. We look online about locations, directions, menu and of course feedbacks.
Internet have been helping us in any way. It help us find stuff that you didn't even think it still there. Lately we've been looking for reviews about this place that we want to go to in the summer and it helps us a lot. While we are browsing we stumble upon in this one site called black friday ads. Actually now that I think of it, one of our employee showed me this website before and I even bookmarked it. They have the list of the latest and recent sales or deals you can get in your local community and it is being updated daily. Black friday ads have most if not all the info of good deals that you normally see in you mailbox. They got it all for you in one site and in just one click you find good deals in you local retailers, shopping centers, grocery stores or even items that are only available online you can have the first look by going to black friday ads.

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