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Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Weekend

Our weekend was kinda lame. Friday we just stay at home and watch movies on pay-per-views. Saturday we worked as usual and was very busy actually. We got another auction that was filled with tools and it was overwhelming. We have 4 guys just to go and get all the tools and even then it took them 2 days to get it all done. While we were at the store my mom and my sister in law was preparing for their yard sale Sunday. Saturday night even we are tired Ray wants to go clubbing but we fell asleep. I fell asleep in the couch and when I woke up, I had this horrible cramps both my calves or legs whatever! All I know was I was crying like a baby and no matter what I do it's hurting me so bad. I am not a cry baby but last Saturday I cried with tears coming down on my cheeks! It was just so unusual! I never had any cramps that bad even with my periods before. Instead of going out I just went to bed and Ray had an attitude over the whole thing so Sunday morning instead of helping them at the store with the yard sale I stayed at home and watch most of my family feud recording. I had at least 30 episodes recorded and I haven't done watching it. I recorded every damn thing. I usually watch it before I go to bed but in the last few days I just don't have time anymore. He wants to go out again Sunday night but I wasn't in the mood so we stayed home and watch Flawless with Demi Moore (they have it in Pay-per-view and in theater too)

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