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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Hair

As I had written in my previous blog that I cut my hair but I didn't had the time to post a picture. I just don't take picture when there's no occasion or something. We already have thousands of pictures from our vacations,maybe over 3,000 that's why I only take pictures when I have to. This time I can't wait to share my new do. It took me 3 months to make my decision to cut my hair short even though I had really short hair when I was in college. I am happy with it anyway, just for a change, and I had enough of long hair for now.

with Ripsi in the car while waiting..


MmeHaydee said...

wow! a whole new look, you look young, much younger. Very pretty.
Btw, thanks for the gold card again. I already posted it in my site. Take care beauty.

jennyr said...

nice to see a face behind this blog! ur hair is looking great and bagay sa shape ng face mo, honestly!

Bill & Gina said...

you have such a beautiful smile. You are so beautiful.