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Saturday, March 22, 2008

#1RankedUniversity With Leading Co-Op Program

Education is one of the most valuable asset that our parents give to us. It is one of our weapons to face the world. It will mold our future and help us to our journey. Definitely help us with job hunting. In the world today we have to have education to have a decent job that pay decent salary. I know there's a lot of schools out there and I found this one school Kettering University where they place students in companies in their freshman year and rotate them between school and their co-op job alternating every 3 months to gain practical experience from the beginning of their Kettering education. They also have the leading engineering co-op programs that is very unique where it finds the co-op opportunity that fits your talents and goals. Once you’ve secured a co-op position, the manager will continue to make sure you’re constantly building expertise and seniority in the company and As a co-op student, you also earn a professional salary. Since you co-op for a longer period of time at Kettering, your earnings can reach as high as $65,000. It’s yours to keep and spend however you like. Kettering have a unique schedule that you don’t lose sight of the relationship between what you’re taught in the classroom and what you learn on the job. Plus the fact that US News and World Report has ranked Kettering University as "the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering" in its annual "America's Best Colleges Guide for 2008". Manufacturing and industrial engineering has retained #1 for eight year in a row. They are #1 for a reason, they always make sure they offers some of the best undergraduate engineering programs in the country. The school is built on a tradition of co-operative education and preparation of future leaders for a global society, Kettering provides an unparalleled undergraduate engineering work integrated learning experience.
Start building your future now and aim for success, so what are you waiting for start building your future at Kettering University.

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