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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Directory Site!

I was just browsing around in the Internet and found an interesting website called clicksmart.com where they pre-screen local home & office service providers to help you find the best. They have a directory for chicago investment property where they provide an awesome directory of properties and help connect consumers with small businesses. By certifying small businesses who are experts in their field, they take the guessing out of choosing the right real estate agent, insurance broker, or other professional. They pre-screen each of the Clicksmart Certified Experts on their site for quality and experience. Of course if you are looking for a property that is going to be your business' location it has to be one of the best, when I say the best I meant best location where it will draw high traffic so when people see it while driving by it will let them know that you are there, they will remember you when they come to a point that they might need something that happened to be what your business is there offering for.

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