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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stay Warm

Today is a little busy and we have stuff to get done before we leave tomorrow. Yea, we have a little weekend getaway with our dear friend and we are going down south. Since there were hurricanes I really didn't packed yesterday because I thought we will going to cancel it but everything is a go. So tonight I have to pack and of course I need to bring something with me to keep me warm all the time. I am talking about the blankets and Cabin Cuddler which is a lightweight travel blanket with a foot pocket and shoulder wrap that keeps you warm in cold airplane cabins, on car trips, or even curled up at home. It will be perfect tomorrow because I hate being cold. I am skinny and I get get so easily. I remember when we were in the plane and it was freezing cold and I didn't bring anything with me, and I even ask the flight attendant if they have a blanket and she said they were out and I was looking at the passenger across she got blankets because one is not enough to keep her warm and even though she got two already she still looks miserable. To keep me warm for the meantime I have to hold my husband's arm tightly and I just tried to sleep to forget it yet I was just shaking. From that experience I always keep in mind whenever we go somewhere to bring my travel blanket to keep me warm all the time.

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