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Monday, September 22, 2008

Total Transformation!

Busy schedule from work, family and friends can sometimes take away our main focus which is ourselves. We sometimes forgot that ourselves needs a lot of caring and because of our busy schedule we just let go of it where it resulted to a massive gaining of weight. When weight is gained, it is really hard to lose especially when we don't know how to start the process. Plus the fact that it is hard to contradict ourselves when we crave for those sweets and unhealthy foods. Now that summer is over and holidays are going to be knocking on our doors and next time we know we are gaining weight left and right. Losing weight is not as easy gaining them but for all the hopefuls out there here something new for you that I saw. It is a really cool exercise routine called XFLOWSION where its exercise program that efficiently and effectively gives you all three workouts in one convenient workout, combining the proven best moves from martial arts, power yoga, and dance. I love working out when I actually having fun and for me dancing is really a motivating way when you don't think that you are trying really hard to lose all your excess fats and all you think of you are having a blast while shedding.


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