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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ZIP Code Store Locator

Finding store can be really tedious even just in your local town and I am talking about finding a store world wide. What if you are trying to look for an international business location and that might take you months and months before you can actually get a hint. I found this website called ZIPCodeWorld where they help you make all things easier with their mission to deliver high quality data, software solutions and services but at lower total cost of ownership. Finding a store Zip code can be hard but when you are working with a worldwide renown corporation with different organizations in programming, marketing, sales, technical support, research and development, quality assurance and distribution your store can be easily find. The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is supporting 1089 companies and total of 30692 unique stores and growing. They are supporting 33 countries worldwide including United States and Canada. Their service is free for business with less than 100 stores. The only thing they would like in return is to display a banner linking back to their Web site. It is so simple and easy because they generates an HTML form on your web site for your customers to find dealers, stores, or locations nearest them by ZIP code and by this simple process your customer will be happy because they don't have to spend more time in looking instead they can spend quality time in other more important things than just looking and who knows if they will find an answer. Of course it is available in .NET and PHP. Programmers can install it in their local servers.

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