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Thursday, September 25, 2008

ScreenLife Games' Disney Bingo DVD game

Learning before as I remember wasn't as fun as the process of learning of our new generation today. A whole lot of manufacturing company who came up with all this fun learning tools. Of course we all know that learning starts at home. When our home is pretty oriented and parents are concerned about their kids and want their kids to learn the ABC's and count the number as early as the kids are interested, then the learning process will always be interesting and fun. In our time, Disney is pretty much up there when it comes to child's interest. They all have their favorite Disney character like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Lilo & Stitch, Winnie the Pooh and a whole lot more. Have you played the Disney Bingo yet? I saw them selling it in Amazon.com and Drugstore.com. It is pretty fun because it is a new twist on an old favorite! Pick a Bingo card and toss in the DVD. Then get busy learning numbers, colors and matching skills with your favorite Disney characters and movie clips. Match the numbers on the board as they are called out. The first one to fill in the pattern and shout out BINGO wins! It's really easy and fun since you have to match the numbers on the board to the ones given by the on-screen caller, it offers a high-tech twist on an old favorite, it allows you to play for five chips across, five chips down, or five ships diagonally, the DVD will automatically call a new number every fifteen seconds, and Disney DVD Bingo features clips from your favorite Disney movies - The clips can be WILD and just might help you win the game!


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