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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Sproutwells on a soccer Mom

I have been following these election speeches even though I am not eligible to vote for the upcoming election yet I just want to know what kind of candidate that are running for the next President of America. The The Sproutwells are reminding of the situation when one of the nominee asked about the difference between the hockey mom and the pit bull is lipstick and few days later the buzz about the pig with lipstick. Now as freshfunds came out with this great episode about the soccer mom, I definitely enjoyed watching while she was in her pink soccer uniform and was just hit by one ball after the other and here comes their neighbor Rosie which of course always present and always ready says some ridiculous comments. I just love when the daughter say "Stalker" which I think is true! I never saw a neighbor that is very nosy as Rosie. I am excited to see if she will be there for the Sproutwells in times of need. We'll see.

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