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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's really going on?

It is been getting uglier with our situation here in United States. Our economy is plunging plus the wall street scandal. One of the biggest issue right now is 700 billion bailout, then there's the war issues. With all these drama in wall street, I don't know where to stand to tell you the truth. As our president is trying to rescue our economy as what he told us in his speech earlier. All I know is all official should be holding hands and forget the parties they are in and just focus on getting solutions of the problems we are facing right now. I just hope they will have solutions sooner than later.


Catherine said...

There are many political issues happening in my country too recently. Indirectly the policitical issues will influence economy and so affect our daily living. Crimes happen everyday too. The world is going more complicated now and then.... Just pray.

Name : Townguy said...

US economy for sure effect economy of other counties all around the world .
Currently my country facing internal and external pressure of economy and politics , AT SAME TIME . oh my god .