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Friday, April 4, 2008

Recycled plastic material

We are all aware of recycling. It could be computers, plastics, bottles or it could be anything.
Raw Polymers Ltd is a leading company specialized in the supply and sourcing of raw plastic material and in business for distributing and sourcing HDPE Scrap. High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) is a form of recyclable plastic commonly used in consumer product manufacturing. The definition of High Density is anything between 0.941 - 0.965 gram/cc Polyethylene. HDPE Scrap is used for snack food packaging and cereal box liners. In blow molded HDPE form it is used for non carbonated drink bottles. In injection molded form, it is mostly used for margarine tubs, deli food and whipped toppings. Virgind HDPE Pellets are freshly produced HDPE pellets that have never before been used in any manufacturing applications whatsoever. In our earth situation today we should be aware of gathering those plastics, bottles or anything that can be recycled to save our polluted place.

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