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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hectic Schedule II

Friday was our crazy day because we went to an abandoned(the landlord auctioned it off because the tenant left all the stuff) office equipment and furnitures. We were nervous going because thinking it's gonna go really high. When the auction starts, there quite a few (around 7 people showed up) yet it was only 1 person bidding against us but it still went pretty high considering there's only 2 people bidding. When the bidding stop and knowing that we won the stuff, it was a relief. Other bidders starts negotiating with us some bought some stuff too. Another ting winning an auction is getting all the stuff but it's not a problem since we all have the means to get it. Right after we paid the auction, we already start getting the stuff since the landlord only give us until Tuesday. I came back to the store and Ray went back with our employee to the the place so the can start getting the stuff. Friday it was me and Cliff left at the store and the bad news Cliff leaves at 4pm every Friday that I will be the only one at the store. It will make me occupied and can't do my sideline thing which blogging(makes sense co-bloggers?). I have to prioritize the store than the blogging, I'm only doing blog for fun even before I started blogging. I don't really think it's an incoming income, any dollars I get from it it's all bonus. Saturday was a lil crazy too, Ray want to go to the place to supervise and it means I will be the in-charge for the store because Cliff is off for the weekend the on-call for Saturday is not available. The whole day went pretty smooth and they (Ray and the employee) came back earlier than I thought. We even got home early. It was a very productive week.

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