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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blog about a search / Google related article

It's undeniably that Internet is it's peak. People are so dependent with internet but who can blame us? We can find anything online. You name it and internet got it all. Of course Google one of the biggest sites if not the biggest one and every business want to be in Google's database. Who don't want to be? To be on top of you game is the ultimate goal! We always want to be on top of the searches and of course we always click the first one on top right? Google’s dominance is impressive – but not total: “In the UK, Google is a dominant player for traditional search. It has around 80% market share. I always use internet when I am looking for something even directions or it could be anything really. I stumbled upon with this article while browsing online White box world which quite interesting. I found this one part "In Stephen Taylor’s view, “I believe very strongly that Google isn't going to be beaten or heavily challenged by the other big players. Any shift from Google isn't going to take place because a slightly better algorithm comes along.

“The shift, if there is one, will come through some of the other trends that we see. The growth of social utilities, such as Facebook, and other trends that start to make it less likely that I make a search engine decision. It’s a big possibility but we're a long way from seeing the demise of Google just yet."

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Imelda said...

Yeah u bet. Google has build around itself a very sturdy shield and it has an empire that would take bloodhsed before it can be toppled.