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Friday, April 18, 2008


I was having problem with my phone yesterday and I was actually checking my my minutes usage online but it keep saying that it's been discontinued and I have to call them. I didn't call them instead I look around and found this website called Jitterbug provide Baby Boomers and
their parents with perfectly simple cell phones and services that work the way they want them to. Jitterbug is designed to be the best telephone a cell phone can be. Nothing more. Nothing less. Their mission is to simplify technology and make it available to everyone. Jitterbug's products, services and systems are centered on simplicity, personalization and ease of use.

I remember my grandmother when she called my aunt and she was talking up like a storm and when she finally stopped, she heard the line on the phone asking who she was and if the girl knew her. Then I just heard my grandmother said, Oh, it's not Vicky? By the time she she notice it she already said whatever she needs to say. I was like grandma? why you didn't make sure it was my aunt before you talk too much. Then she said It doesn't matter she doesn't know me anyway!

Plus it is so easy to be a Jitterbug® customer, because we're committed to making your
entire experience simple with Jitterbug, familiar and friendly. Jitterbug provides the correct answers to your question as fast as possible because they have 3 options for you like Frequently asked questions, Jitterbug User Manual and of course Email Us which is very handy.

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