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Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was running out of time since this morning because we have plans to go to the auctions in Orlando at 5pm. I have Ebay to do and I have bills to send and all this time I've been wanting to visit the blogs of my friends in my blog roll yet I am lack of time. I wasn't done with either the bills and Ebay yet we have to leave but when I called the place they said 4 was canceled and only 2 left so we decided not to go because it's just a waste of time. I went back to whatever I left and when I got hungry I told Ray to eat out because I wanna just get out from the store. We talked about going to the Gyro place that we just saw 2 nights ago and it's just down the road from us but when we get there it was closed! That part of Dale Mabry got a lot of food places so we just went to Sonic and try there since kinda different from the rest of fast food. I've known somebody who worked on one of their station and she told me that they wear roller skates at work. I expected to see employees wearing them yet I was disappointed. I didn't see anybody wearing it. I am just curious to see it since I've wished I know how to skates and instead I busted my tush when we went skating a year ago. Oh, well maybe at the other sonic place wear their roller skates :(

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