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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A lil Break

Yup, we surely had a blast last night. We went to our favorite club where they are having a school girl party and it was fun. Of course I had to wear my school girl outfit to fit in the party and boy Ray and I had a blast. The private club don't allow cameras even phones with camera is being banned so I didn't have pictures guys. We really deserved all the fun we had last night from working hard all this time. Now that the party is over we need to go back to do some work again! I wasn't drunk yet I need hot coffee this morning because I still feel the liquor in my system.

kinda like this last night but this one was taken at the fantasy festival in Key west


WhoIsMarc? said...

you look way too hot at that pic :O

retchel said...

sounds like fun...

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bb_anne said...

wish I have that body..^^

John said...

Hi, Sad about no pics. Maybe you can go back to that place where you were wearing only paint and give all those insecure gals who talk of having a boob job some inspiration, as you have a perfect pair of good proportional ones, (so does my Missus!) but above all, seem to be having a happy and extrovert life! I suspect that you might be left - handed? It is always fun to read what you are up to, thank God my Missus doesn't have your energy levels, I am over 60, and have enough trouble keeping up (she is 34) as it is!

Portia said...

very sexy photo,my dearest.very exotic!it's great you have fun!

Elaine said...

You look really great! :) Go Girl!