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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Destroying hard disc data, how important is it?

In my experience at the store, big companies always have sensitive data in your computer Hard drives. A lot of them think that destroying the hard drive will destroy the data too but they are wrong. Most of the time data in the hard disk can be retrieved as long as the right tool and knowledge is used. hard disc data destruction offer this service. They are able to "clean" data from hard drives using specialised software. They have an industrial shredder based in Shropshire which is capable of shredding hard drives, back up tapes and cds etc. They don't just offer hard disc data destruction, they also do Collection of redundant IT equipment, Collection of empty toners, Supply of remanufactured toners, Supply of refurbished computers, Supply of “Green” computers, Supply of ex demonstration equipment, Digitalisation of data leading to a paperless office
It's not just securing your data but they are also helping the environment.

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