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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It was funny

I got a funny story (it's pretty funny for me by the way), while we are having breakfast this morning, my dog Bullwinkle just jump on a newspaper clip and it made some noise. I saw him do it yet I just ignored it because the newspaper was pretty old and I figured it's trash anyway but Ray ask me what was that so I just said it's an old paper. He stand up quick and said Bullwinkle get off there! I was like why? Then he explained the whole newspaper thing. It turned out to be that it was an article about him with his computer. What's hilarious was when I read the date, and it was written September 7, 1982. I calculated quickly and said I was only 11 days old!!! and you're already in the news??? I was like man you're old (I literally said those words!). I was asking him some shitty questions like if he paid the newspaper just to write an article which is unlikely because you can't pay them unless it's an advertisement or something, or if he's bestfriend wrote the article. I just can't believe he was in the paper in a whole page! I would love to post a copy but I didn't bring my camera and it's so delicate to bring it this morning but I still might post it, it's pretty cool my hubby got an article and it was a whole page article in a famous newspaper(tampa tribune) here in Tampa. I will make another blog entry with article itself.