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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Website for Police gear

I remember when I was growing up, I wanted to be a police woman since my brother is in the ROTC when he was in college and seeing him in his uniform always made me think of how cool to be in uniform. I found this website where they have a huge selection of 5.11 gear because the business has grown and changed greatly over the years and they now serves the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and of course police officers (or anyone else who would like to buy from them). L.A. Police Gear takes the issue of security very seriously because they know that there's a lot of all kinds of stuff going on in our world today especially with credit and debit cards. Every time you send them your credit card number and your billing and shipping information, they use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to prevent the information from being intercepted. Their computers are protected via multiple firewalls and "DMZ's", as well as the latest in anti-virus softwares so that your information is always secure. All credit card information is automatically encrypted once your order is placed. As of this date there has never been a breach of our system's security (and they plan on keeping it that way...)! So if you are a little bit worried on online shopping because of the card issues, then worry no more because they take good care of you and your card.

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