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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ringtones and MP3 music

My friend was showing me some cool mp3 music at his cell phone today because he knows that I will be interested since I have an iPod and I want mp3 music to go with it. Right now I only have like one hundred fifty songs into it so I definitely want more songs to go to my iPod. He was just showing me these cools songs in his cell phones that he got from Music API which is a well known Ringtones and MP3 music provider has just released a public API and affiliate program. Details can be found at OpenDada.com and openDada is a simple and effective program to facilitate integration of the Dada.net content catalog by websites and application developers, while providing them an easy avenue to earn comepensation for their efforts. Plus you can gain access to developer tools allowing you to easily integrate content, or use our code as a reference to pursue your own creative applications. It also increase traffic to your websites and applications through a partnership with Dada that also allows you to earn money. Receive payments for each new Dada.net subscriber you refer in addition to daily e-mail updates that provide you the info you need to boost revenues. Isn't that cool to know that they actually offer those all kinds of benefits? So what are you waiting for? You can visit their website and sign up at Music API

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