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Monday, July 21, 2008

Three Facts About Me

I got this tag from Hazel. I appreciate the fact that you remember to give a tag....Thanks a lot sis

3 Facts about me:

  • Friendly when you know me
  • loyal
  • 1 man woman

3 Things that scares me:

  • corpse
  • corpse
  • corpes

3 Songs playing in my mind:

  • Pocketful of Sunshine
  • I kissed the girl
  • Please don't stop the music

3 Valuable things in my life:

  • my gym membership card
  • my credit cards!
  • my mp3

3 First times in my life recently:

  • sleep on Sunday all day??
  • Not having to work on Sunday???
  • I can't think of anything anymore...

3 Words or things I always say or use:

  • really
  • knock it off
  • Stop it
So guys grab it and have fun!

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