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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lasik right for you?

Having an eye problem can really lead into some serious problems. I have a lot of friends that have eye problems even in my family. I am very lucky that I don't have any problems with my eyes because it can be expensive with those glasses and contacts lenses. Then my friend told me about this Lasik thing. He is very happy with it, he said that he can see way better than before! So I look it up online and I found this website called Lasik in Silicon Valley where surgeons bring the most extensive academic training and years of experience to the custom LASIK patients at our offices in San Francisco, San Jose, South Bay, Oakland East Bay and Santa Rosa. What's good is LaserVue Eye Center surgeons monitor their results very closely and then alter surgical planning based on past outcomes and have thus developed a surgical nomogram frequently requested by other surgeons. The patient's actual prescription is not entered into the laser's computer, but an adjusted prescription is used based on our tested surgical nomogram. And of course another extremely important clue to quality care is how carefully the laser eye surgeon evaluates your eyes prior to surgery. Some laser centers and surgeons with organized networks of referring Optometrists use a system where the surgeon NEVER sees the patient preoperatively and the laser center/surgeon pays the referring optometrist. Skillful surgery is only just one of the responsibilities of the surgeon. Look for a laser eye surgeon that will examine you before surgery, evaluate the findings, discuss with you the plan of action for your particular case and answer all of your questions to your satisfaction. Other technicians and doctors may be involved in your care as well, but there is no substitute for the in depth knowledge and experience of the surgeon for your care.

Now that I have found this reasons not to be afraid of Lasik, I can actually share this informations to my friends that have eye problems.

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