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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wasting my Time

I got a note the other day from the post office saying that I missed a certified mail. Ray said most certified are coming from the government unless I am waiting for something else. In my case I am not expecting anything, I was thinking it might be some immigration letter and if I don't pick it up, it will be returned to sender. I made an effort earlier to pick it up, The lady who help me, took a long time of finding the letter and we are running late to work. Finally after 10 minutes she found i and for my irritation, the certified letter was coming from a bank that I don't even have an account but they have my name because Ray put me as an authorize person to open the safe that we had. The letter was basically stating that I owed them some dollars! Hello, I don't even an account with them!! and Please don't waste my time because I have so much to do other than wasting my time waiting for your stupid certified letter! (Sorry folks I was carried away a lil bit. I am just pissed off.)


lloyd belleza said...

hi. can we x-links? just tell me if u added me already. have a nice day. :)

Lou said...

I can understand this...:-) Our time is gold, right friend?


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