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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our trip to Alaska Part I (Road Trip)

Now I am so proud to say that i have been to the 50 states of United States of America (yehey!) . Our welcome signs throughout. Our trip was beyond our expectations. We are very happy with it. We actually flew from Tampa to Seattle, Washington 5 days before the cruise date. We rented a car and made a road trip from Seattle to Reno to visit a friend. On our way down, we stop at Columbia River Gorge in Oregon which was amazing. I have never been so close to a waterfall but in the Gorge I got pretty close, too bad I can't swim because water was freezing cold. Oregon is one of my favorite. It's simply beautiful. We want to stop to Crater Lake again yet the road was closed and snow were actually blocking the road. Next stop was Reno, Nevada. I think I've been to Reno more than anywhere else. It's just a cool city. We went to Virginia City not far from there. It's a cool little city and it's where the show Bonanza was filmed (not all scenes, I think). We want to go back to San Francisco, California but we run out of time. Instead we just drove back to Seattle, Washington. On out way back we visited Jimi Hendrix' grave site just a lil bit south of Seattle. (To be continued...)

Pictures will be added on the second part (Ray wants me to upload the New York trip pictures before uploading this one :( )

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catherine said...

How I wish I can join! Looking fwd for the exciting pictures....