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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paul Offit, author of Autism's False Prophets

As diseases come up nowadays, we are confused and not know who to believe and not to. We have to do our part to be knowledgeable enough on what is going on. I found this video online Paul Offit, MD which is pretty informative. There are people who are trying hard to fight and stop it. They may or may not experience it they still work hard to stop it from spreading but Maurice Hilleman who is born into the life of a Montana chicken farmer, Hilleman ran off to the University of Chicago to become a microbiologist, and eventually joined Merck, the pharmaceutical company, to pursue his goal of eliminating childhood disease. Hilleman's mother died a day after he was born and his twin sister stillborn. As an adult, he said that he felt he had escaped an appointment with death. He made it his life's work to see that others could do the same. Hilleman's experience forms the basis for a rich and lively narrative of two hundred years of medical history, ranging across the globe and throughout time to take in a cast of hundreds, all caught up, intentionally or otherwise, in the story of vaccines.

It is so nice that in our world today we can still hear an inspiring and triumphant tale, but one with a cautionary aspect, as vaccines come under assault from people blaming vaccines for autism and worse. Paul Offit clearly and compellingly rebuts those arguments, and, by demonstrating how much the work of Hilleman and others has gained for humanity, shows us how much we have to lose.

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