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Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a waste

I just get back from stuff that need to be done outside. It was supposed to be our employee but he never called that he is not gonna be working today so everything that we planned yesterday is screwed up. Instead I have to drive to Tarpon Springs, like an hour away to get the deposit which I got it but she was squabbling about it that we need to get it in like within 48 hours. I was like ready to tell her that we weren't neighbors and I have to drive a highway( I don't mind driving on an interstate because it's faster and no lights), I am scared driving on a city street because there's you have took in too many directions and look out for other cars driving on the side of the roads or cars crossing. Then I have to go to the neon guy because our transformer is bad according to Ray yet when the guy tested it it turns out to be good. So I was like oh ok I just drove a freaking more or less 60 miles and it's all for nothing! I am not complaining but it's definitely far plus gas is not cheap this days. Well it wasn't his fault( it's Ray's fault! that damn guy! just kidding people). At least I had a pretty good ride with my lil girl Ripsi. I


lira said...

oo nga naman..ang mahal na talaga lahat ngaun...sayang lng

Rozella said...

That really suxs :( Hope your cheering up and feeling better about things. Have a good weekend.

Florence said...

Hi there, would you like to exchange links? -Florence-

lira said...

where's the pretty lady?

tasteful voyage
a mom's note

John said...

Yes Yes Yes. Us guys have heard it all before. Always our fault.
Interestingly enough, a friend once pointed out to me that if ever a clothes-line breaks (and they only break when loaded with clothes) and the washing gets dirty all over again, it is ALWAYS the guys fault.
BTW, it is a good idea to assume that all other drivers are drunken fools, that way you will tend to have less unexpected stuff going on while you drive.